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Completed Plumbing Projects

Construction Works

Client                                                     Site                                                      Description                                    Approx Hydraulic Value

ATB Morton                                           Tomago                                                 Workshop Office and Amenities      20K

Built                                                       Newcastle Family Law Court                Water and Sanitary Service             35K

Kingston Building Australia                   High Street                                            Residential Apartments                   400K       

Graph Building Pty Ltd                          HealthOne Facility                                Tomaree Hospital                             250K

Mars Building Pty Ltd                            Noah's on the Beach                            Prepartion Room                              20K

Mars Bulding Pty Ltd                             Tallawalla Rd, Valentine                       Unit Develpment                               205K

Mars Building Pty Ltd                             Helen St, Mt Hutton                             Unit Develpment                               200K

Graph Building Pty Ltd                           Vardon Rd, Fern Bay                           Fern Bay Community Hall                  95K

Wiley                                                      Singleton Livestock Market                  Livestock Market Upgrade                660K

Hansen Yuncken                                   Muswellbrook Hospital                          Emergency Dept Renovation            360K

AGM Constructions                                Muswellbrook TAFE                             Student Accommodation                   800K

KDH Building                                         The Star Newcastle                               Retail and Unit Development            390K

DLQH                                                  Victory Parade Wallsend                      Multi storey Unit Development            360K

NSW Dept. Trade & Investment             Port Stephens Marine Park  -               Research Station                               45K                        

Analogic Construct Pty Ltd                     Fry Bros. East Maitland                       Funeral Parlour                                   60K

Lake Macq. City Council                         Bernie Goodwin Oval                          Amenities Block                                  100K

Kingston Building Pty Ltd                       Aldi @ Fletcher                                    Aldi Store                                             310K

Kingston Building Pty Ltd                       Aldi @ Mayfield                                    Aldi Store                                             65K

Kingston Building Pty Ltd                       Aldi @ Singleton                                  Aldi Store                                             70K

Kingston Building Pty Ltd                       Sky Central                                          Medical Fit out                                      90K

Leed Building                                         LSC Charlestown                                 Medical Fit out                                     50K

Drayton Constructions                           Cleary St, Hamilton                              Salvation Army Building                      225K      

Apex Building                                         Valley Long Wall -                               Workshop and Offices                         500K

Maxstra NSW PTY LTD                         Hungry Jacks, Singleton                     Hungry Jacks                                       75K

Doicese of Maitland                               Crebert St, Mayfield                             Alterations and Additions                     40K

ATB Building                                          Steel River                                           Gamers Building                                  200K

ATB Building                                          Warrabrook                                          Aurecon Building                                 180K

ATB Building                                          McDougalls Hill                                    GE Mining Building                              25K 

Civil Works

Client                                                     Site                                                      Description                                    Approx Hydraulic Value

Rolla Plumbing                                   Fletcher                               Minor Works                                                          6K

Petsolo Pty Ltd                                   Kurri Kurri                            Fire Service                                                           30K

Orton Building                                    Islington                               Minor works                                                           25K

Elissa Kusch                                      One Mile                              Complex Works Contract                                       3K

Dale Slater                                         Mt Hutton                             Routine Major Works Contract                              25K

Braeburn Pty Ltd                                Burbank Estate                   Sub-division – Sewer, water, fire service               350K

Eraring Power Station                        Eraring Power Station         Spray Irrigation pipeline                                         90K

Gartner Rose Pty Ltd                         Cardiff Railway Station        Sewermain redirection                                           30K

ADW Johnson                                    Wyndham St Greta              HWC Sewer major works contract                         11K

Department of Fisheries                     Taylor Beach                       Watermain                                                              85K

Hunter Water Australia                       Buttai                                   DN600 MSCL Service Connections                       9K

RPS                                                    Thornton                              Lead in Watermain                                                 230K

Dixon Homes                                      Redhead                              Minor Sewer Contract                                            5K

Dannenberg Civil                                Sugar Valley                        Retirement Village - Stage 3A & 5B                       120K

Hastings Pty Ltd                                  Mount Hutton                      Sub-division - sewer, water & gas mains               120K

Tri-Coast Plumbing                             Annie St, Wickham              225mm Sewermain relay                                       18K


Domestic Projects

Devbuild                                             Domestic Construction                          150 Units and 200 Duplexes

Kingston Building                               Hudson St, Whitebridge                         22 Villa Unit Development

Kingston Building                               Cassia Court, Charlestown                    20 Villa Unit Development

Winspace Homes                               1st Floor Additions & Extensions           16 yrs continuous association